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Customers tell us about their experience at Deery Brothers in West Burlington, Iowa

Steve Gray bought a new Chevy Spark from Blake Dichraff and loved his experience! 

Ivan bought his wife a new Nissan Altima for her Christmas Present. What are you getting for your significant other?

Don and Connie found what they were looking for in a used 2001 Dodge Ram to pull their horse trailer.

Cathy from Georges Lawn Mower and Repair purchased a Chevy Colorado from Blake Dichraff at Deery Brothers in West Burlington, Iowa

Ron and Rita buy their 3rd Toyota Prius from John Dilley at Deery Brothers. Ron was telling me after the video, he get between 50 and 55 miles per gallon with his Prius.

Less bought a new Chevy Silverado from Mark Gerst and was very happy with the deal he made.

John and Tamie bought a new 2012 Chevy Malibu from Derek Baker and could not be happier with their purchase. They tell me it was the best experience they have had buying a car and was very smooth process, they did not feel pressured and there was no funny business like at other places they have bought before.

Kevin bought his second Toyota Tundra from Brandon Juarez at Deery Brothers in West Burlington, Iowa. He tells me Brandon saved him over $100 a month on his current truck payment on his old truck and will be back to buy another when he is ready!

Caitlin and Adam Gerst bought a new Mazda 3 from Brandon Juarez and couldn't be happier!

Roger and Sandy bought a new Nissan Frontier from Jennifer Anlicker and are very happy with their purchase!

Mark and Amanda found what they were looking for online in a low mileage Buick Rendezvous and were very pleased with the deal they recieved from Derek Baker.

Steve Miller, owner of Horse and Hound in Burlington, Iowa purchased a new 2012 Toyota Rav 4 from Ralph Meyer. And it's Steve's Birthday! What a great gift!

Jack Will was thrilled with his Lacrosse and says "Our sales consultant, Brandon Jurez, was very good and very well read on the Buick Lacrosses. One of the best I've delt with in a long time."

David Benjamin from Donnelson, Iowa purchased a new 2012 Chevy Cruze from salesman Randy Bonar. David found his car and purchased online right here on!

Katie and her family purchased a New 2012 Nissan Pathfinder from Brandon Jurez and this he is a great salesperson to deal with!

Doug and Tari Heiniger purchased a New 2012 GMC Traverse from Eric Rios and love their new car and salesperson!

Eric and Bev from Warsaw, IL buy a nice super low mile Equinox from Ivan Swearingen:

Lester gets a new 2012 GMC Sierra from Blake Dichraff:

Dennis Imler of Burlington, Iowa purchased a 2009 Nissan from Brandon Juarez and had a great experience!

Tim and Ashley Carey purchase their 3rd vehicle from John Dilley!:

Joseph Lane from Quincy wrote us about their Toyota Highlander purchase expreience with salesperson Blake Dichraff, "The Deery Brothers Experience was awesome. Did most of the negotiations over the phone and there were no surprises when we got there. A+ for Deery Brothers"

Tanya Jacobs purchased her Pontiac G6 from Cindy Anderson:

Father Dennis Hoffman purchased a New 2012 Toyota Sienna from Stephon Farris:

Father Harold on his purchase of a 2013 Chevy Malibu Eco from Grace Deery:

Travis Egli on the Purchase of his 2012 Toyota Venza: Ralph Meyer was honest with us from the start and I felt like I could trust his expertise. This was the first time I've ever felt comfortable purchasing a vehicle and attribute that to Ralph.

Cynthia Fouke on the purchase of her 2012 Toyota Venza from Jennifer Anliker: 
Aspects liked the most: My salesperson's attitude, sense of humor, patience, knowledge and willingness to take the time to find what I wanted. Was able to suggest options to fulfill my needs. She was very friendly and easy to work with, not pushy, but patient. Covered all areas and worked hard to get my business.

Cody Kamp on his purchase of a Toyota Sienna online:  
Very honest throughout the entire process! Will purchase from dealer again! Vehicle purchased on-line! Delivered vehicle to my home 3 hours away! Great customer service!